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e.t. phone home

There is this house that I pass every day to and from work that have at least 10 gazing balls of  various sizes in their backyard.Every day that I pass the balls are arranged in a different way,so my question is-why do they rearrange them every day,some strange form of outdoors feng shui or are they attempting to communicate with aliens? So today,as I passed by,all of the balls except the biggest one was lying on the ground,so was contact made?..and just what do aliens do with gazing balls of various sizes? My guess is bowling

Ode to Resident Evil 4

So I was going through all my journals and found this poem I had written right after I bought RE4 and died like 8 million times.

                                                  "Leon's Lament"

I see their eyes
   empty hollow
      like something is missing...perhaps a soul
I try to run but I'm outnumbered so I fight
Odds are not with me but I have heart
        and a big ass gun
The herder of this sheep flock is the worst of all your
      phobic fears but still I stand tall
I am the master of this little game
The play is over when I sing,the fat lady is out to lunch
The eight demons hurl steel insults,bruising my flesh
          but my spirit holds strong for I am a warrior and the mysterious lady
                                   in red holds a rocket launcher
She too is a warrior but also a snake,luckily I am charming
The end comes quickly,the demon is driven back to hell
          and I am a hero.
So much for this adventure,the next batch of zombies are right around
               the corner......right where I parked my car

yeah whatever

I don't know I still bother,I hear the same thing every time,"I miss you,I'll call you,etc..."but in the last month I've called you 6 times and I just got your voice mail and did you call me back? NO,and when I finally do here from you 4 months later,what's your excuse? I changed my number,I guess I forgot to tell you.Whatever,then there's the other one,you say you miss me,you can't wait to see me again,but you don't answer the emails,the voice mails,the replies to your blogs,the im's,should I go on? Just because I moved away doesn't mean I forgot you,I still try to talk to you,but you decide to ignore me,so why do I still bother? Maybe I'm just a glutton but you know what,dinners over,I'm not hungry anymore. I seriously doubt the ones I'm talking about will be reading this but I just want to vent and tell my so called "best friends" to fuck off,I'm tired of it.

100 and counting...

Since I have a habit of starting everything before I finish the 100 other projects I have going on ,and I have hit a massive writers block with my current story,I have started my newest project. I am going to do a story with no dialogue,and rely on facial expressions,body language,and music.I don't have a title yet but the ending storyboards are pretty well done. Of course,I don't have a beginning yet,but thats usually the last thing I do. *sigh* so goes the many thoughts of my muddled mind

props to mama

So after close to 60 years my mom has decided that she is,for the very first time,getting on a plane to go visit my brother in Washington over thanksgiving when he goes on leave from Iraq. She has stated that she would NEVER get on a plane as long as she was alive but she decided that this was a good enough reason so PROPS to mama for getting over her fear and getting on that plane

why ask why

We were watching America's next top model last night and Heather(who is going to win this thing with her eyes closed) said this thing that I just loved. She said "God made me for something",and that got me thinking why did God make me? I have no discernable talent,I have no coordination,no rhythm,I can't sing,dance,or act,I have panic attacks in large crowds,I have no social skills what so ever..so why? Then Candy put it all in perspective for me with just one sentence -God made you for me. Yeah,I can live with that.

if a tree falls in the woods

So we got into a discussion at work about high school and I mentioned that I was the "loner",I was the happy emo goth loner who sat in the corner,wrote poetry and had no friends.I wasn't suicidal,I didn't wear all black,I was just painfully shy,constantly ridiculed and happier in my own world.Anyways,it was asked of me if I could go back in time and have a date for prom,would I do it?The answer was a huge NO,first of all,I'm a huge believer in karma,destiny and fate and the theory that if a mosquito bites an elephant in Africa,there is a hurricane in Florida.Basic theory is that you screw with the past,you change the future. I love my job,I've been happily married for 3 years and I'm truly happy with my life,so why would I screw with karma just because noone asked me to homecoming. School is only the beginning part of your life and you have your whole life ahead of you afterwards so love or hate it but don't change it.


You are Rocker Barbie!
You are very creative and all about expressing yourself. You'll go far as an artist.
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4 what now?

Since I have to be to work at the ungodly hour of 5 am and I live in BFE I have to be up at 330 and out the door at 4. What do I see every morning on my way in? People jogging,walking their dogs or biking...4 AM was not invented for people to be athletic-It's 4 AM people!!! your dog does not want to be walked at 4 am,he wants to sleep. I am up at 4 because I have to be,not because I want to be. GO TO BED!!!! 
abagail strange's creature-nemesis:

The Dreaded OCTOPUS
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