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go ask alice

through the looking glass

New Orleans-pre Katrina now in podunk redneckville
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1.girls with tattoos are HOT
2.facial piercings should be limited to tongue and labret
3.never let anyone tell you you cant
30 seconds to mars, 80's hair bands, a perfect circle, ab fab, alan rickman, alanis morissette, alchemy, ali larter, alternative industries, americas next top model, angelina jolie, anime, anne rice, art festivals, beethoven, bettie page, breaking benjamin, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, catherine zeta jones, cheesy 80's music, cheesy reality shows, classic movies, clea duvall, clive barker, clive owen, coheed and cambria, colin firth, collide, dancing, dante and randall, dita von teese, donkey shows(don't judge), drag queens, edgar allen poe, elizabeth bathory, emily the strange, eminem, emo, emocore, evanescence, fallout boy, family guy, famke jennsen, flyleaf, from autumn to ashes, geoffrey rush, goth, gothic poetry, graphic novels, grimms fairy tales, harry potter, horror movies, horror video games, indie, jack off jill, japanese subcultures, jason statham, jay and silent bob, jena malone, john carpenter movies, johnny depp, kate beckinsale, kevin smith movies, korn, lacuna coil, lenore, leonardo davinci, letters to cleo, lindsay lohan(pre-crack addict), linkin park, lords of acid, luis royo, mac makeup, marilyn monroe, marques de sade, michelle rodreguiz, milla jovovich, moulin rouge, museums, mythology, naked female body, new orleans(pre-k), nonsense quizzes, orlando bloom, photography, piercing, pirates of the caribbean, portishead, punk, pussycat dolls, resident evil, rhona mitra, riot grrl, sarah brightman, skinny puppy, sleater kinney, sleeping in, story of the year, suicide girls, swarovski crystal, taking back sunday, tattoos, the simpsons, thrice, tool, trans siberian orchastra, undergroundmusic, underworld, used books, vampires, vargas girls, veruca salt, william shakespeare, wine, within temptation, world cup soccer